As well as continuing with Project 366, and My Sunday Photo, I’m planning on continuing with Living Arrows for this year.  Last year was all about mastering manual on my camera, and this year I want to sort out Lightroom and revisit the course I did before Christmas on it, and then start to use it to be more efficient in my editing and organising of photos.

My plan for Christmas had been to spend a day or so sorting out all my digital photos, re-organising, deleting duplicates, bad photos, and backing up everything.  I managed to sort some, and delete some but there’s still a lot to do.  I did manage to get N’s 3 year photobook ordered though, and now I’ve got a voucher for a good price on another one, so I can start working on the photos needed for the next photobook.

Of course I’ve been taking lots of photos over the holiday period, but now we’re back into work and school it’s harder to get photos.  this one I’ve chose is really simple, but I love the warm colours of the image.  Apart from a bit of colour alteration, the photo is as it came out of the camera, which I do like.  That means I’m progressing with my photography, when I’m happy with my photos pretty much straight away.

I can’t even remember when I took the photo. N doesn’t drink a to through the day which does worry me a bit.  Actually he doesn’t drink sipping away, but rather waits til he need a drink and then drinks a fair amount all in one go.

N drinking out of a cup

I think Hayley’s having blog issues, so hopefully it’ll be sorted out soon and you’ll find the other Living Arrows bloggers via the badge.

living arrows pic


  1. Very sweet picture, love the look on his face. Every year I promise myself to be more organised with my photos and every year I fail, I make a photo book every year and it takes me forever for me to organise the photos for them! #livingarrows

  2. Oh I love this photo – he looks so grown up and concentrating so much too! x

  3. Aww he’s so sweet, really concentrating too 🙂 my 2 year old is the same. I love this pic – I can almost picture him in front of a roaring log fire 🙂 x x #livingarrows

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