This week’s living arrows shot was taken while we were in Milton Keynes having lunch after going to The Gruffalo Experience.  I’d agreed we could have lunch and N loves to have a nice drink as a treat. He chose a juice but of course he wanted to try my frappe milkshake.

I love how his eyes are so clear, so wide eyed at the taste and probably the cold.  I do take a lot of close ups of N because I think they show an innocence that you don’t always get…plus you can get rid of lots of the background!

drinking and wide eyed - Living Arrows Bubbablueandme

Living Arrows


  1. Ahhh, he looks like he’s really enjoying that. I take lots of close ups too, sometimes its the only way to capture those little details and, like you say, the innocence.

  2. He’s loving that, isn’t he! I love close ups of the kids, you’re right about the innocence and I love it when you can really capture emotion x #livingarrows

  3. Mommy's Little Princesses

    Awww bless it really looks like he’s enjoying it too!xx #livingarrows

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