I’d already picked this photo for this week’s Living Arrows shot, and that was before we went to Stowe on Good  Friday where I took around 200 photos.  I decided to stick with this one, because while it’s a bit messy in the background – damn the phone not having the ability to blur out background unless it’s a macro shot – I love the orange light from the sun coming into the room, and how for once N is ignoring me in the morning.

I couldn’t resist grabbing my phone to snatch a shot while he was thinking and gazing out of the window.  He’s got messy bedhead hair, is fiddling around with his manky falling-to-pieces taggy blanket I made (so sweet that he still loves it so much although I now think it’s passed it’s acceptable time in public), and was still a bit dozy from just waking up.

Living Arrows - early morning thinking

Living Arrows


  1. Penny for his thoughts? Great captured moment. Hope you enjoyed Stowe 🙂
    Sophie x ex-Banbury girl 😉

  2. What a gorgeous shot, he looks so deep in thought. I wonder what he was thinking about

  3. Such a lovely photo! I love these kind of quiet, captured moments, with the little details that are just so ‘them’! x #LivingArrows

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