What is it with boys and cars?

N isn’t a fan of playing with toy cars, but put him in a real car and he’s pushing and pulling levers and buttons, I’ll get in to find the car mirrors have been moved, the seat might have been shunted and I have to reset everything.  He’s really excited about my new car so of course that’s being investigated all the time.

This week’s Living Arrows photo was taken in the car on Saturday.  He’s wearing a new t-shirt – a Little Bird from Mothercare one we’re reviewing which is really cute and suits him well – his hair’s all over the place thanks to having had his swim hat on.

He was looking in the rear view mirror at me, I was taking photos of his reflection, then he wanted a go. We were just being silly and mucking around, then I looked at my phone afterwards and find this fabulous photo of him.

We might only be a week into glorious sunshine and sunny temperatures, but N’s already sporting the start of his summer tan.  Now the hard thing is to get him wearing his sunhat outside of school.  He’s already announced that he no longer wants bucket hat style sunhats (of which he has 3 still fitting) and instead wants one like his school hat which is a legionnaire style or a baseball hat.  I’m not keen on them, especially the latter, but I’ve suggested a trilby which he did noticed in the shops the other day,.

playing with car mirrors - Living Arrows

Living Arrows


  1. I am with you on that one – boys and cars! My eldest was particularly obsessed as a one year old. What a gorgeous smile your boy has…he looks a bit coy, but you can tell he is super happy! #LivingArrows

  2. That really is a lovely photo of him, it’s captured him perfectly. He looks so grown up x

  3. Oh he does have a lovely sunshiny glow – what a gorgeous shot! #livingarrows

    • Thanks Mim. It’s great when a photo opportunity and lighting come together well.

  4. Mommy's Little Princesses

    Awww what a lovely and unexpected capture. Xx #livingarrows

  5. Aww he’s growing up far too fast. Olly is the same, he loves cars and will pretend to drive mummy home, thank goodness his feet can’t touch the peddles yet! x

    • Sweet. Definitely lucky about pedals and need to make sure the keys are nowhere near as mine’s a button start stop! Can see N crashing into the house.

  6. Sarah Ella (Mumx3x)

    Awww bless him! My boys were so curious about cars and all the buttons and gadgets 🙂 I miss those days! I love his shirt, so cute. xx #LivingArrows

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