This week’s Living Arrows photo came from a shot taken at a friend’s 5th birthday party.  N was a little reserved at the start…Frozen party, not his favourite film.  But he seemed to enjoy it anyway helped by his best friend being there and this smile was captured.

I love how he sometimes moans about the camera, then other times is quite happy to sit and pose.  A bit like celebrities with the paparazzi.  And his little mole on his chin is so sweet as well.

Smiling at a birthday party - Living Arrows

living arrows pic


  1. Aww, so sweet! Toby has a habit of doing his ‘cheese’ face whenever the camera comes out at the moment so getting a natural smile is quite hard! #livingarrows

    • Same. Some days he loves it, others he moans. but I generally just snap when he’s not looking.

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