We don’t get to the park much, and definitely not to different parks outside of the main 2 in town. But the other week N had been to the dentist, and we were killing time until we could go and get fish and chips before going home for tea.  So I suggested we could go to the playground nearby.

Despite there being about 10 older children playing football there, N was happy enough playing there.  The roundabout was a great draw, and he spent a lot of time on it, pushing it round, jumping on and off.  I took a lot of photos but not many didn’t have a bench or bin behind.  I love this one even though he’s gazing off in the other direction.

smiling on the playground roundabout

Living Arrows


  1. He looks like he is having just the best time, such pure delight on his face x

    • Thanks. Yes, if I’ve got my good camera I can manage that through shallow depth of field, but my phone doesn’t allow for that.

    • They’re my favourite too. So much more natural. In this case, watching out for other kids kicking a football in our direction probably.

    • I know, I was trying to move around to avoid the benches, but it was quite hard.

  2. Oh look at the joy on his little face – he’s having a ball! Such an awesome pic 🙂 x #livingarrows

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