N does have his funny phases where he’ll make up songs, dance around, and just generally be silly.  But introduce the need for him to get changed or get dressed and that means more silliness than ever.

This week’s Living Arrows photo shows him being at his most silly this weekend.  We were heading out for the day, but being a Sunday where nothing opens until later, it meant he had time to go out on the farm first.  And having breakfast over at the farm.  That meant he turned up with his previously nice clean t shirt covered in breakfast and god knows what else.  A quick change before heading out and we ended up in hysterics being entertained by N turning his t shirt into alternative headgear and singing  random made up song about hats and heads.

The photo also reminds me about his classic farmer tan.  Although on holiday he did manage to get rid of his sock tan mark, he was wearing a wetsuit or rash vest while on the beach so there wasn’t a chance to brown his body to match his arms or face.  So grubby tanned neckline, t shirt sleeves and then shorts line.

He does go a lovely colour (taking after the OH in tanning easily – helped by always being outside), and I noticed the OH that just certain parts of his hair around his face are going blonde.

farmers tan and amusing headgear - Living Arrows

Living Arrows


  1. Ha ha awesome hat dude! I love his tan – I’m a bit jealous of it! x #livingarrows

    • Ah yes, his farmer tan. I wish I went that colour too, although I guess it helps that he’s out all year round playing and out on the farm to get a tan like that.

  2. He sounds like a very cheeky character – love his t-shirt turban 🙂 Thanks for linking up with #LivingArrows

    • He’s so funny once he gets going. Maybe he’s going to be a bit of a comedian when he grows up! Or musical theatre, because he does love singing.

  3. Haha N is funny. Bless him, the uncovered hair looks like a fringe. 🙂

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