This month has seen the first pheasant shoot of the season.  I had thought optimistically, that this would mean I’d have Saturdays with N while his dad was shooting.  Of course that didn’t happen, so after swimming N got ready and waited to be picked up and taken off for the day to be a beater.

His get up was interesting…I’m not sure his minion bobble hat was particularly appropriate, and I heard he soon shed his coat because he’s been given a hand-me-down shooting coat from his cousins.  So it seems that every shoot day I’ll be lonely and left to my own devices while he spends a day out walking the countryside.


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  1. What’s a beater? I do love a bobble hat and he does look really pleased with himself #LivingArrows

    • Hi Kerri-Ann, the beaters are the guys who walk through and ‘beat’ the bushes and the game strip crops to get the pheasants to fly for the guns at a shoot. Some put dogs in to snuffle through, but N just walked through himself.

  2. Part of me thinks it’s sad you won’t be getting some Saturday together time but part of me thinks, think of all the things you can do ;0). What I would give for a few hours on my own ;0) #LivingArrows

    • Yes, hoping I can arrange to meet up with friends. Although the plan would be to do something with him on the sundays, but next weekend won’t work because I’ve got a blogger meet up on the Sunday so won’t see if him he goes on the shoot.

  3. Sian - The Mama Story

    He looks happy to be off with them! Guess you don’t fancy going too?

  4. You have such a different life to ours here on the outskirts of town. I would love all that outdoorsyness! x

  5. Sorry to hear you’ll be left to your own devices, but I’m sure you’ll think of a fun way to fill the time! Lovely photo, he looks good in that hat! x #LivingArrows

    • This Saturday was a bit boring. In future I’ll try and meet up with friends.

    • Thanks. It was a boring day. In future, now I know he can do a full day, I’ll arrange to meet up with friends!

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