I’ve struggled to get any photos of N this week.  He’s either always in school uniform, not really doing anything interesting before and after school, and then at weekends has been spending time on the farm rather than out and about with me.

But my brother popped over on Sunday, and suggested they potter about in the garden.  N loves spending time with him and was so excited to make the discovery of this rusty old hinge that his uncle had dug up when metal detecting and then left in the garden.

It was pretty chilly hence the weird sized head – he had on a hat, his hoody hood and then his coat hood.  So a little wrapped up!

But there’s so much joy…in showing off his find.  Little pleasures.

Discovery and finding a rusty hinge in the garden - Bubbablue and me Living Arrows

living arrows pic


  1. Oh look at his little face – he’s so delighted with his little ‘find’! What a cutie x

  2. Mommy's Little Princesses

    Oh so sweet! N really looks super happy here.xx #livingarrows

  3. You can find us wrapped up like that in this weather too. It’s just soooo cold isn’t it? I’m so pleased the sun is out though!

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