This week’s Living Arrows shot was taken on Mother’s day on our visit to the playground at Stratford -upon-Avon.  The tyre swing is in the older children’s area, and N was quite taken with it.

Living Arrows 2017 week 14 Stratford upon Avon swing play

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  1. He looks like he’s really enjoying himself there. Toby has just started going on the big boy swings at the park and they make him look so big! #LivingArrows

    • He does look grown up. He’s shot up another 2cm, so he’s getting there – usually he’s really slow growing, so I think he’s getting to the age 6 growth spurt!

  2. Woah, he suddenly looks so grown up! A and T both love those swings – you really can’t beat a tyre swing and the weather looks lovely too x

    • He does doesn’t he. He’s grown 2 cm in the last 1.5 months too. Nice to see all the food he’s eating has had it’s purposes!

  3. Looks like you had the place to yourselves, lovely! He looks like he’s having a great time too – I’ve not seen a tyre swing in any of the playgrounds near us! #livingarrows

    • I don’t really remember them from years ago, but this one’s the first I’ve seen in recent years. Good fun for sure.

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