Notice something wrong?

It seems N decided to cut his hair because it was too long.  He really didn’t want to tell me what had happened so I knew he must have cut it himself.  Eventually he told me.  I nearly laughed.

He was relieved when I said most children have done it before (I omitted that it’s usually younger children though.  What’s annoying is that it’s school photo time in 2 weeks and while his hair will have grown, I’m not sure we’ll have enough to chop the other side similarly with enough left to not look stupid.

What I can’t believe is that apart from myself and one of the sister in law’s, noon else seems to have noticed t. It is quite noticeable!

chunk out of his hair

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  1. Oh dear! I did this with my mum’s nail scissors when I was three – it was the day before playschool photos though, so absolutely no time for it to grow back! #LivingArrows

    • It happens a lot doesn’t it. N’s just needs trimming of all the spare random strands left. His photos are a week away

  2. Oh his little face in that photo! To be fair, I’ve seen a lot worse, normally on girls when it is so much more noticeable! Hope it evens out by photo day, but if not at least it will be a funny story when he’s older! x #LivingArrows

    • So true. In fact I think it was Laura’s daughter Alice who had a classmate cute her own hair off because an older child told her to! Oops

  3. He looks so serious! I’m sure that’s something he’ll never do again!! x

    • He’s mortified. Also sounds like I’m going to have to ask him about all photos I post on social media now. Turns out a child from school asked him why he’d cut it (hardly any people noticed, even in the family!), his mum had showed him it on FB. So he wasn’t impressed I shared it on there. Looks like he’s going to be censoring lots of photos now. Sad times.

  4. I shouldn’t have laughed but this made me laugh!!! We’ve all been there – my hair used to be longer than J’s (past my bottom) and my mum refused point blank to let me have it cut, so one day at school I decided to take matters (and scissors) into my own hand. Half a day later, and several trips to the bin (and to fill up my tights with my hair – which I had sneakily taken off!) I ended up in the headteacher’s office with a mismatched bob / scarecrow look. Mum cried, dad laughed and it’s a memory etched in my mind forever. Bless him #LivingArrows

    • Lol to the tights. I’m surprised a teacher didn’t know. Girls chopping their ponytails is what I told N about too.

    • Oh no. I always think it’s worse for girls because they have a lot more hair to get hold of.

  5. angiemwebster77

    Oh dear, so many children do this don’t they. No harm though hair soon grows back. He could start a new fashion trend I think x

    • He wanted to chop the other side off too – might have to nip to the hairdressers and see if they can match it up a bit

  6. Oh no, bless him! Sure you will still get some lovely school photos, I think the shorter hair suits him too x

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