This week’s Living Arrows photo was taken during our festive day out at Waddesdon Manor.  N actually remembered to take his own camera with him, and once we were in the gardens he had a great time running round and taking photos of the flowers.

I’ve not had a look at the camera yet, so I’m not sure what is on there. The anticipation is quite high although he seems to have forgotten.

Living Arrows taking photos in the flowers garden

Living Arrows badge


  1. That’s fab that he’s got his own camera and enjoys taking pictures – I wonder what he took? #LivingArrows

    • It turns out a lot of blurry flower pictures, a couple of good ones of the manor, and a couple of ok ones of me. He obviously got bored taking them in the house

  2. angiemwebster77

    I love it when kids take photo’s, you can often find a gem amongst the million same shots of the ground ! Hope you had a lovely day out x

    • You can. And quite often (unfkattering) shots of yourself. N really needs to grow a bit more of stand on something!

  3. I cannot wait until I can trust A and T with a camera on a day out. I bet he loved taking photos! x

    • Thankfully he is quite careful with mine. With his own he does have the tendency to swing it around a bit too much!

  4. katykicker

    Hope there are some lovely photos when you get time to have a look! #LivingArrows

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