This week’s living arrows shot was taken in the adventure playground at Stanwick Lakes Country Park while N was eating an ice cream. I snapped it quickly in case N moved out of the way…which he spent most of the day doing to avoid the camera.

Living Arrows 2017 week 23 - ice creams

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  1. Oh yummy! My oldest is harder to capture now too – at least we have to be more creative about how to get those shots! x #LivingArrows

  2. You can’t beat an ice cream in the park on a sunny day đŸ™‚ It might be harder to get photos but I think the un-posed ones are often better anyway!

    • I agree, they’re usually much nicer captures of children than eyes shut or a grimacing grin

  3. I hope the avoiding of the camera is just a stage! We’ve started doing the same. Looks like beautiful weather just right for an ice cream. #Livingarrows

    • Hmmm, it’s been going on a while. I find making a deal or giving him my camera for a bit usually means he’ll be ok about it!

  4. I can’t get over how grown up he’s looking recently – his face has lost it’s baby look completely! x

  5. Was he in a no photo mood? I haven’t had this yet with my girls, I’m sure it will come. I love this weather and any excuse for an ice cream! #LivingArrows

    • He’s always in a non photo mood. It’s rare I get him posed and willing to stand for one

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