This week I seem to have taken lots of photos, but of nothing of interest.  Well, except for at Cornbury Festival which I’ll be writing up later in the week…or possibly 2 posts.

Here’s my living arrows shots from across the week.

Ready to cross

setting off on a treasure hunt


Not a great photo, but love how huggy and snuggly N is.  Even the nursery staff say he quite often just randomly goes over and hugs them.

black and white selfie


N loves going to coffee shops.  He seems to think it happens every time we’re in town, so I’m going to have to stop going as much before it becomes a habit.



framed with his toys


  1. I love the waiting to cross photo, he looks so grown up! I am totally envious of all your outdoor space x

    • It is bliss having the space, and it does mean N can run a bit wild. The other day he went off with his cousins so they could scooter/ride bikes in the barns as they’ve been cleared out. It’s great because as long as we trust him to not go near the road, watch out for vehicles and stay away from the animals, then he’s safe.

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