N does love a tractor, unsurprisingly.  Real or toy, he loves to get involved.

This week’s Living Arrows photo is taken from this weekend, where he’s been cutting the grass with his scissors, and collecting up the windfall cooking apples in his trailer.

Thankfully he also listened to my advice that wellies were really too warm to wear, and not suitable to wear without socks.  So the camping crocs were brought out to wear.  I’m not a fan of crocs, but they are more practical for children than flip flops, and N loves wearing them.  Shame they’ve relegated his lovely leather sandals out of favour.

Tractor rides on the farm - Living Arrows

living arrows pic


  1. Emily Beale

    Seriously cute. And I totally get the croc thing! #LivingArrows

    • N would have a whole garden full of them given the choice. They do last well, although this red one was bashed up when I bought it for a tenner. It’s great for the garden though.

  2. Loving the tractor driving in crocs combo – that is one pretty impressive tractor! x

    • The crocs must be easier than bulky wellies at least! That’s the ebay trashed tractor bargain, his other nice one’s mostly used inside.

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