I have no idea what N and his uncle were doing – the challenge was set to see how long his uncle could hold him lifted up straight.  Let’s just say it wasn’t for long as expected when you’ve got a nearly 6 year old, nearly 3 stone child in your arms.

arm exercises - lifting children

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  1. This looks hilarious! The things family end up doing – and the things children ask for! So funny! x

    • It’s great when they live close. I rarely saw mine – and we certainly weren’t close like N is to his.

  2. They look as if they are enjoying themselves! I can’t believe how straight N is!

  3. Mommy's Little Princesses

    Haha what a beautifully fun captured picture! They both look like they are having so much fun too.xx #livingarrows

    • Thanks. They really do enjoy each other’s company, although maybe my brother regretted it the next morning!

    • Lol, yes that’s just right. It looks a bit like fake levitation as well.

  4. Ha ha this looks part-planking and part-magic trick! They do look like they’re having fun 🙂 x x #livingarrows

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