We’ve had a busy weekend this time – hair cut time for N, rushing off to swimming, then to buy some new school shoes.  N’s gone through the tops of his old ones, I presume because he’s been wearing them to after school club and crawling round on the floor plays, instead of changing into his trainers after school like he’s meant to.  The old ones were dual sized so should have lasted him for at least 2 terms if not the year, so I’m not impressed.  2 shops later, 5 pairs tried on, and we finally have a pair that still look like school shoes and not trainers, and another £50 gone on school shoes!  In the same size.

This photo was taken in the shoe shop. It’s a children’s shoe shop in Stow-on-the-Wold. They have a great wall of stripes and I did snap away while the lady was out getting the shoes.

chilling out in the Stow children' shoe shop

living arrows pic


  1. My daughter and her friends went through a stage of wanting to be kittens… and playing in the playground to that effect. No amount of explaining improved the state of her shoes!
    A gorgeous capture- definitely stripes to be photographed against!

  2. Wow new shoes already! Not good. I suppose on the upside it means he is doing a lot of physically uninhibited playing with is good! Fabulous stripey wall.

    • The worst thing is, these ones don’t have a protective kick plate at the front, and after only a week, they’re already scuffed. Not happy. Am debating sticking something on the front to protect them like you darn ballet pointe shoes!

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