I was struggling for photos this week of N. He’s avoided the camera well all week, but I remembered to check my camera and on it found this 1 photo from last week.

Last Saturday we went to a 70s themed 40th birthday party.  N thought his dad looked really strange (so did I!) in his purple flower power dodgy ‘velour’ flares and top.  Add to that this 70s wig and it was a hideous outfit.

N was quite taken with the wig, mostly because he’d never worn one before.  I thought he just looked so funny with a weird 70s mullet black hairdo.

Living Arrows 2017 week 27 black wig

Living Arrows badge


  1. Got to love a fancy dress party. N looks like he’s really enjoying it lovely natural capture. Monkey hasn’t tried a wig either. Hope the parties were fun x #livingarrows

    • They were good parties – although I hate fancy dress, but luckily was able to go relatively normally dressed.

  2. Kids in fancy dress are always so funny and that wig is awesome! Troy has a plastic superman wig and it always cracks me up x

    • Lol, bet that’s a nice tight fitting wig. It just makes them look so different doesn’t it.

  3. You’ve got to love 70s themed parties! He looks very cute in this wig though – how did your outfit turn out? #LivingArrows

    • I hate fancy dress so I went moho/Bianca Jagger style – floppy hat, boho kaftan type top, jeans, wedges. So I looked normal thankfully!

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