N loves his baths, although he does moan beforehand and can never decide whether he wants a bath or shower.

He always used to hate getting his face underwater and still isn’t overly keen when swimming, although we might have reached a turning point there because without a float belt on over Easter in a different pool, he was swimming a few metres staying perfectly afloat because he was swimming with his face in the water.

But in his bath the other day, we’d put in quite a bit of bubble bath and I added a flannel for him to wash his pen striped face. Next thing I knew he was ducking his face in the water then flipped on his back and put his head back in the water too to totally cover himself in soap suds.  Apart from towelling off his eyes, he didn’t care about keeping the rest of the suds on.

It’s amazing what adding something to bathtime can do.  A simple flannel which he was totally intrigued by…after cleaning himself he then started cleaning the bath.  I’m going to get him trained in cleaning that properly, because he told me he loved cleaning the bath.  Strange child!

Bath and flannel investigation - Living arrows

Living Arrows


    • I don’t know why he loves cleaning the bath so much. It helps that he loves the Ikea shower window cleaning thing.

  1. Little Man was cleaning the bath the other day – such odd children! hehe. So glad that he’s had a breakthrough with the water x

  2. I loved reading the comments above and agree with them all. When things like this happen I always celebrate in my head and then try not to make a big deal about it – even though I’m ecstatic! Haha! #livingarrows

  3. My girls love cleaning the bath too. They found Daddy’s toothbrush once and cleaned the bath with that! As you can imagine he wasn’t very happy but they were thrilled with themselves x

  4. He sounds like Lucas, he just doesn’t like being in water particulary, never has since he was a baby and hates swimming. All of a sudden he has started lying down in the bath and just bobbing his head in, sometimes they just need to do it in their own time I think. Lovely photo, love how you can see the suds on his face #livingarrows

  5. I love how our kids can surprise us by suddenly being ok with things like putting their faces in the water! Both my kids love bathtime too, especially now we’ve given them a jug to play with in there, it really is the little things! x #LivingArrows

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