The other day N had a playdate with his best friend from nursery school.  It’s a really funny friendship because they seem to worship each other, but then nursery staff tell me they don’t really play that much together.  Odd, but great that they get on so well, because the mum’s a friend of mine too.  We met when we all first started swimming with Water Babies when the boys were 3-4 months old, so it’s great that we’re still friends 4 years later.

Both boys can ride their bikes now, and N’s friend had a new go kart he wanted to show N.  So they spent most of the morning wearing their bike helmets, even when not actually riding their bikes.  I think I need to get the size of N’s checking because it’s on the largest setting now, but at least he likes wearing it so I don’t struggle to get him to wear it.

I love this picture because although he’s got a bit of bike helmet hair, he looks very peaceful, as though he’s thinking and just waiting to set off.

Living Arrows - bike riding helmet

living arrows pic


  1. He looks very grown up here all of a sudden, a lovely capture! My little boy has a friend from nursery who are just the same, they get on so well when we meet up but I don’t think they interact much at school!

    • They are funny aren’t they? N also has gone nuts asking people who I’ve never ecen heard him mention to his party. Including a child who nursery think he’s even that keen on.

  2. Lovely pic, sounds like the boys have a great friendship! That’s really cool that he can ride his bike!

    • You’re right, he does look quite relaxed. I guess he is quite a chilled little boy, even when concentrating

  3. Alexandra @dontcallmestepmummy

    Great capture, N looks so grown up here xxx #livingarrows

  4. He looks like he’s about to embark on a really big adventure and is carefully plotting his next step. Great photograph #livingarrows

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