N has always struggled with blowing bubbles from old fashioned bubbles tubes.  This contraption was in his stocking from Father Christmas.

All it needs is a wipe of the bubble solution on the end where there are lots of little holes. It creates tonnes of small bubbles in a non stop stream.  N loves it, me less so.  Yes he can blow lots of bubbles, but those damn little bubbles aren’t ones that pop. They’re a funny glue-y bubble that just sit on you for ages.

Not pleasant, but they made for a cute action photo for this week’s Living Arrows.

Living Arrows 2017 week 7 bubbles

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  1. That looks like great fun – but I know what you mean about the sticky bubbles! We’ve got one of those giant bubble rings for the garden but Toby got so frustrated at not being able to get it to work! #LivingArrows

    • I think giant ones are quite hard. N’s got a wand one that you wave, and he can’t even get that to work, let alone the ones you blow

  2. I am so envious! Bubble blowing photos are the one thing I’ve never been able to get! It never works. The boys never care cos it’s fun but still! Sorry for the late comment #LivingArrows

  3. That contraption looks awesome – I think A and T would find bubbles so much easier with it. Great action shot indeed! x

    • Yes, it’s funny how some struggle. N always puts his mouth way too close!

  4. Ha ha Monkey would love bubbles that stick to you! Great action photo too. Kids and bubbles can’t beat them! #livingarrows

    • Thanks. They are weird – they’re like little frogspawn that just sit there.

  5. Bubble solution is just so much fun! Whatever age you are 🙂 Such a lovely photo

    • Definitely avoid. It’s a never-ending stream of them just sitting on the carpet and you!

    • Ah yes, we have that too usually. Most normal bubbles are only allowed outdoors, but there’s no pouring etc involved in this, just rubbing onto the end.

  6. I know those exact bubbles, yes they are sticky aren’t they? We bought some on holiday and *mysteriously* they didn’t make it home with us. Perfect timing on the picture! #livingarrows

    • I think I also need to find a way to remove them from the house. I feel another declutter coming on!

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