There’s a new hero in town.

It seems that N’s adoration for his 6 year old cousin has transferred to the 13 year old brother.  Let’s hope the youngest cousin isn’t put out by this.

N’s always asking what the 13 year old is doing, where he is, what school he’s at.  And the fact that he’s now got a car to drive around the fields is another string to add to the hero status.  On Sunday N and I headed out to the road to watch the vintage bikes driving past the farm for their annual rally, but N decided that we had to walk/bike down to his cousin’s house.  It’s just under 2 miles round trip, but he was determined that we had to visit their house.  Needless to say I’d not planned for a bike ride hence no helmet.

On the return trip, the 13 year old escorted N back along the road on his balance bike while I walked.  N loved it, being grown up, riding down the road.  It seems he’s now transferred his cousinly adoration.

bike riding cousins

living arrows pic


  1. Oh he looks so big with his cousin, so cute! Loving the balance bike too x

  2. That is so sweet – sounds like he has a good role model!

  3. Aww how lovely, Little Mr is the same with his cousin. He absolutely adores him which is lovely to watch. I love that they’ll grow up together.

    So good to see you at Britmums, sorry we didn’t get chance to speak more. Hope you had a fun weekend x

    • It’s lovely when they have family so close, especially when older cousins look after them and take them under their wings.

      There’s never enough time to properly chat at events. Maybe next time we’ll get longer!

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