Post harvest festival means collecting conkers from a tree on the village green.  N certainly got his fill. With a small bucket haf full at home, this last lot has now pretty much filled the basket.

Great autumn times for Living Arrows this week.

pockets full of conkers

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  1. Monkey it totally obsessed with conkers and we have a small box half filled at home. I don’t really understand why though as its not like he plays conkers with them lol! x

    • N is just the same. Loves collecting them, but when I suggested conkers last year he looked at me like I was nuts.

  2. We’ve got a great conker tree near our house too – although I think I was more excited about them than the boys were! #livingarrows

    • I’m a bit like that too. Although N is still going on about going to conker alley, and I don’t think there’ll be anything left by now

  3. How fun. It’s still too hot here to really feel like autumn but the leaves have started to fall and we have indeed collected a few conkers already #livingarrows

  4. We still haven’t found any conkers – I’m hoping this weekend will be the one! x

    • So many people seem to have said the same. We’re obviously in a good area for them

  5. angiemwebster77

    We can’t find any conkers close to home, we did plan a trip to a national trust property to find some but sickness beat us to it. N looks like he’s happy with his full pockets x

    • Oh that’s a shame. Someone in the village was saying there’s problems with millions of conker trees (like the ash problem years ago), but I’m hoping she’s wrong about that. Autumn wouldn’t be the same without conkers

  6. I keep finding conkers dotted around my house that the children have collected when we’ve been out and about! There was one in my pocket the other day that I don’t remember putting in there! x #LivingArrows

    • Lol, they do get everywhere. This year ours haven’t stopped the spiders unfortunately!

    • N’s are usually full of bullets or other metal things my brother has metal detected and given him, or blue rubber gloves from the farm. Strange child mine!

  7. I love all the changes in nature in Autumn, but we haven’t found any conkers yet! I think we need to have a better look if you have managed a basket full! I love that N’s pockets are full of conkers x

    • You’re the second person who’s said they’ve not seen any. We have loads of trees near us, although the ones in the parks have been emptied of them a while ago.

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