We’re rapidly nearing the end of 2017 already. Week 38 of Living Arrows, and into autumn meaning less outdoor time and more indoor photography.

I’ve not taken many photos at all this week, and an even lower proportion of photos of N. Now he’s back at school and me at work, then evenings he quite often goes over to the farm or out with his dad, it means there’s not many chances to take them.

When out and about generally I usually just rely on my phone camera, but at home I always have my mirrorless camera sitting on the arm of the chair next to me.  So when we’re in the living room it’s easy to snap away without N being too bothered.

This week’s Living Arrows shot was one of those shots. N was just playing with his farm toys and oblivious to the camera being out.

Living Arrows 2017 week 38 - looking down

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    • It’s not so bad in summer because at least he plays out after school, but winter is awful

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