If there’s one thing that N does really well, it’s lose teeth.  The new year has started with lots of gappy smiles.

He’s not quite six yet, and on Friday tooth number 6 fell out at school.  So the tally is 2 swallowed, 2 lost (on the farm and on a shoot), and 2 brought home from school.

At the moment he has a double gap up top. Although the tooth that fell out over Christmas’s replacement is already well on its way, and the newest gap also has a tooth coming through. So there won’t be a gap for too long. Unlike the bottom gap.

Tooth number 4 that fell out has taken ages to come through, and it’s only just coming now, having been a gap for a few months now.  This means that his 3 new teeth down there have spread all over the place. It looks like he has more gaps than he has.  The dentist didn’t mention anything when we went just before Christmas. Just her ‘partially extruded’ comment for the relevant gaps.

I was surprised N let me take this photo, because he’s been really stroppy recently. It’s all on his terms now. And even though I wanted to get the top gap, it doesn’t show.  But after flicking back through photos and remembering his beautiful perfect smile of little white milk teeth, the gaps make him look much older.

Hopefully he won’t end up with huge front teeth, and teeth that are too big for his mouth when he’s older.  I had the same problem. I ended up with 2 teeth removed and a brace plate. Then a further tooth out later when I was struggling to reach my wisdom teeth (mind you having the last one has meant a nice straighter smile on the right hand side without the need for a brace. Who knew adult teeth can still shuffle about of their own accord?).

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  1. He definitely looks proud to be showing you and it’s a lovely photo. I am not looking forward to the girls loosing teeth. It’s when they are just about to come out and they wobble them. It’s not for me!!

    • It is weird when they’re not your own teeth. N even let me wobble one of his. Delightful!

  2. Oh bless him! Hopefully he won’t have the same teeth issues and will just grow lovely straight teeth. I’m dreading the children losing teeth, it makes me cringe just thinking about it – I would rather change more nappies! hehe x

    • Let’s hope so. The 3 gaps are filling nicely with teeth so hopefully we’ll have a stage where he’s fully toothed before losing the next. Wobbly teeth are weird when they’re not your own.

  3. He has such a lovely smile when he lets you photograph it! Max has just reached the awkward photo stage now – he keeps shouting “No cheese Mummy!” at me! I still manage to get quite a few when he’s not noticing though 🙂 #livingarrows

    • Thanks Katy. Yes he does. It’s really natural which is lovely.

      We have a lot of ‘no photos’ and hands in front of his face too. It makes you think more about getting photos

  4. Aww bless him. Such a cute pic. Fluffy currently has gaps (her two front teeth) and Baby Bear has just sprouted his first tooth! x

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