Ok, so the hot weather at the moment doesn’t suit me, but it’s still nice to get outdoors for a bit of garden relaxation after school.  We even tried doing N’s reading outside, although it’s not easy for 2 people to get comfortable and still be able to read the book together.

N spent most of the time hiding from the camera, but I did manage to get this one which I love. It might be summer, but yes, N is still wearing wellies.

Living Arrows 2017 week 28 chilling in the garden

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  1. Oh I love that he wears wellies year round! I mean who can be doing with laces?! My little guy is the same with his crocs. He’s got a pair of croc boots as well which he loves and look so comfy. Wouldn’t mind a pair myself! x #LivingArrows

  2. He’s looking so grown up here – I think Gabe would wear his wellies all the time if I let him, he doesn’t really have any reason to though! #LivingArrows

  3. I bet he wears wellies all year round doesn’t he? He looks so at home in them c

    • He does yes. Unless it’s really hot then he just wears his trainers on the farm. But wellies are so much quicker than tying shoe laces!

  4. Thats a great idea doing reading outside, I may steal that too as we are struggling a little at the moment. N looks really relaxed in this photo – he’s growing up fast! x #LivingArrows

    • It’s definitely going down well, although we don’t have a bench, so sitting on a picnic blanket or foam mats isn’t the most comfortable for me!

  5. Aw, lovely photo. Not sure I could cope with wearing wellies in this heat though! Rather get muddy!!

    • I know. He’s a little obsessed – but then he does need them when he’s out on the farm and they’re quicker than trainers to put on.

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