This week’s Living Arrows shot was taken on Thursday afternoon with N getting ready to play badminton.  N had had a bump on the head at school first thing that morning, and he was so shaky I’d had to pick him up to keep an eye on him.

Oh course by afternoon, he was fine again (albeit with a huge egg on the back of his head) and wanting to play outside. He got lots of outdoor toys out, played some badminton (I was forced to take a breather from doing some work), and then I was able to leave him to it.

He is a really easy little boy who just gets on with stuff. Yes, he likes to have someone playing with him, but he also understands when he needs to get on with finding something to do himself. When he has great outdoor space like we have, then there’s not really any excuse.

getting into badminton in the garden

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  1. We are in the midst of trying to sort out an outdoor space for ourselves at the moment. So lovely to see this little man has lots of room to run wild.

  2. Hope he recovered from his bump quickly. Monkey isn’t great at playing on her own yet. #LivingArrows

    • N’s always been quite good about playing on his own thankfully. It does make life easier

  3. It must have been scary being called to the school. Glad he recovered quickly, and was back to his usual self. It’s great that he can play alone when needed it’s something Monkey is not good at! Although I think he’s about a year younger than N so maybe he will get better? #LivingArrows

    • Tbh, he’s always been good at playing on his own. Compared with the youngest nephew who’s 2 years older but seems to need to ask / check with me first all the time when he’s over. N likes to be in the same room or know what I’m up to, but is quite happy to do his own thing

  4. I hope he’s fully recovered from his bump now, sometimes it’s good to take an enforced break to be outside. It’s also good he can happily play on his own! #livingarrows

    • Yes, he is really good about playing on his own. As long as he can check in when needed (although I did play badminton for a bit with him)

  5. He does so many activities doesn’t he? I’m so glad the bump on the head didn’t effect him too badly – I hope he’s ok now x

    • Ah, he only actually does tennis (x2 a week – school club and tennis club) and then swimming which he’d choose not to do if I let him), but he does like to try out lots in the garden.

  6. I’m pleased the bump wasn’t too bad in the end. It’s good that he can play on his own, my niece who is the same age as N is terrible for not being able to. #LivingArrows

    • I’d have thought by age 6 most children could sometimes. Although the nephew is 8 and still seems to need to check what he can do/when which is annoying when I’m used to N just getting on with things then checking when he gets stuck

  7. It’s so amazing just how quickly those eggs grow isn’t it? Hope he has made a full recovery! J struggles with playing on her own and whilst I love playing with her sometimes I do wish she’d manage 5 minutes on her own, it won’t last forever I’m sure x #LivingArrows

    • Madness,but much better out than inside! He’s been perfectly fine after the initial shock although did play up with it to stop too much rough and tumble.

      They get used to playing on their own. Maybe try setting her something up to start with and start with a couple of minutes, then gradually work up. N won’t play in his room, he has to be downstairs.

  8. oh bless i hope he’s recovered from his head bump fully, it’s great he loves being outdoors in the fresh air

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