This week has been all about the Hama beads.  N’s also been trained in the laws of symmetry and neat patterns of colours (courtesy of his slightly OCD uncle).  1 star coaster completed, and another under way.

hama beads making

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  1. The concentration in that photo is amazing! I’ve tried to get Athena to do Hama beads and she just can’t keep engaged for long enough x

    • He does like it more when others help him. I’m not sure he’d do as long on his own.

    • It’s great for quiet time activities. Just don’t accidentally tip the board when getting the iron out like I did yesterday!

  2. My kids love Hama beads, we have the glow in the dark ones which we are soon to make christmas tree decs out of.

  3. Mommy's Little Princesses

    Oh bless him he really is putting a lot of concentration into it isn’t he.xx #livingarrows

    • He does focus quite well, until my brother comes and then he just ges roped into making them

  4. Sian - The Mama Story

    Ah love how hard he is concentrating! I wish S was like that, I try to get her to make the butterfly who it should be but she always wants to freestyle! Drives me mad.

    • Lol, I want N to make the owl on ours, but the board is a star so that’s always what he wants to make!

    • They’re fiddly, but great fun, and good for quiet play. There are water based ones too if you don’t want to get an iron out.

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