This week’s I’ve been incommunicado with the blog. As usual, I had plans to get lots of posts drafted and scheduled to publish, but of course our camping trip came around way too quickly. The promised wifi at the (very expensive compared with last year) campsite turned out to be paid for (similarly very expensive), so I wasn’t able to post last week’s Living Arrows until I returned. And my other 2 posts I was going to quickly write up while away didn’t happen.

It did mean I had plenty of time for reading…well, inbetween trips to the beach, chatting with friends, drinking wine and eating takeaway from the food shack at the campsite.

N spent most of the week running from tent to tent (we were there with 7 other sets of friends/families), and mostly playing tractors with the other 5 year olds, or tennis or football with the older boys.  He loves going camping, and as we all said to each other, going camping with friends is really what their memories of childhood holidays will be made of.

The chance for freedom, independence and general fun.  Plus what could be better than spending holiday time with other children, in particular other farming children (with a couple from school as well).

N’s smile in this photo was just him showing how happy he was and how much he was enjoying being on the campsite.  And just before (probably a very late, 9.50pm ish) bedtime.  Now the job is to get him back into a normal bed and duvet instead of a sleeping bag and late nights.

Happy camper - smile Living Arrows 30

Living Arrows


  1. He looks so grown up all of a sudden – what a lovely happy camping face! x

  2. His face! That’s a happy boy – I bet he had an awesome time! x x #livingarrows

  3. Mommy's Little Princesses

    Oh bless N looks so happy! It also sounds like you all had a fab time. Xx #livingarrows

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