The penultimate Living Arrows shot of 2016 was one taken on our latest visit to Waddesdon Manor the other week.  I do like a close up, and this was the last before tooth number 5 fell out (and disappeared while eating sausages at the break on a shoot) and turned N into an even more gappy little boy.

His eyes here look really brown-hazel coloured, but usually they’re more green.  He always says he doesn’t want green eyes even though they’re the same as mine.  I’m not sure what colour he wants because he doesn’t seem to want blue eyes like his dad either!  Hazel eyes probably wouldn’t be acceptable either.

Oh, and his little chin mole which always looks like a grubby mark. I must keep an eye on that, and make sure it’s always got suncream on it – with women it’s less worrying having moles on the face because most make up and moisturisers nowadays have some level of spf in it.

Living Arrows 2016 week 51

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  1. His eyes really do look hazel, gorgeous photo! Have a wonderful Christmas lovely x

  2. Ah, his hazel eye colour is lovely! I love how eye colour can change so much depending on the light – mine are so dark they don’t do that at all! His smile is lovely here too – gorgeous shot. #livingarrows

  3. Emma (Lavender Vibes)

    ‘Disappeared while eating sausages’ cracked me up!

    • I find there’s not much chance of them going wrong like other wider angle shots! Anything for an easy life.

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