I always think of N as being risk averse. A child who likes to look, examine, judge, and work out the need vs want vs safety aspect before he tries something new.  With slides, he’s always been a little wary although he tends to love them once he’s had a go. But there are still some that he won’t go on even though when he was younger he always wanted to try them.

But it seems with snow he has no fear. The other week when we had snow galore, he was ‘surfing’ his sledge down a slope, then went out with his cousin’s sledging and made sure he went down the faster route. There were certainly no wobbles when he went to a friend’s birthday party for a junior tubing party at Tamworth Snowdome.

It was a great idea for a party, N said he wished they’d let them slide down for longer. And they all looked so sweet in their helmets. Although I’m not sure what N’s angry face was about.

Living Arrows 2017 week 52 - ready for junior tubing

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  1. Stacey- A Mums Blind Love

    Great photo. Snow galore sounds greats fun. Sorry for the late comment. Happy New Year.

  2. Oh wow, how great that he did something so new yet loved it so much! It sounds like he had such a great time x

    • He said he wished it was longer. So pleased there are some things he’ll just go for with no worries.

  3. angiemwebster77

    That snowdome sounds brilliant, N looks so cute in his helmet, it sounds like he had a great time.

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