This week’s living arrows makes me smile just looking at it – N in full flow of laughter. He is a cheery little boy usually, and whatever he does there’s always something for him to find funny.

I can’t even remember what he was doing here other than cutting and sticking. He does a lot of that.  He may have been making a paper plate dinosaur because that school topic seems to have stuck with him this week.

I love that he’s so gappy in this photo too.  Not for much longer. All 3 gaps are rapidly being filled up again. He’s quite worried about how big his teeth are going to be and whether they’ll all fit. Oh the worries of a newly 6 year old.

Living Arrows - laughing

Living Arrows badge


  1. Oh what a sweetheart – he looks like such a happy chappy! Little M is already worrying about losing his teeth and he’s only 4. I think he thinks they will all fall out at once! It’s funny what they worry about isn’t it? It’s strange to think that was all of us once! xx

  2. He has just the best happy gappy face! What a great capture. And all that from just cutting and sticking 🙂 x

    • Thanks. He is a bit obsessed with scissors, paper, glue and sellotape. I find bits everywhere

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