Last week we went on the Living Arrows informal meet up.  N didn’t really join in with the other children until quite near the end of the day, but he was quite happy during the picnic part just doing his own thing.

My little photographer also had a go with my compact camera.  He’s not really grasping the zoom reasoning yet, so we get a lot of up close mouths, and ground, with no variation on distance.  He’d probably be better off using a more basic camera without a zoom so he can see how walking nearer and further away affects the photo subject.

Still, he had a great time as this photo shows.  I think he’d just taken a (n extreme) close up of another blogger!

laughing at his photos Living Arrows

living arrows pic


  1. How cute is he! I’m still devastated to have missed the Living Arrows meet-up.

    • It’s a shame, there were quite a few regulars missing. I’m sure there’ll be another one.

  2. What a sweet expression on his face. You can see the camera zoomed in and ready. What fun it must be to see what he’s captured during the day.

    • He does love to give it a go, but he does get bored after about 10-15 minutes. I can’t say he takes very exciting photos. Mostly the ground, and close ups of peoples clothes!
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting

  3. What a beautiful photo of him, his smile lights up his whole face. I wish I could have made it to the meet up but so nice to see you all had a lovely time getting together! #livingarrows

    • Aw, thanks Hayley. I do love the picture. Such a shame you and some of the others couldn’t make it. I’m usually on the can’t go list, so was pleased to have been able to get there this time.

  4. ha ha I’m so grateful you didn’t share that photograph of said blogger 😉

    Lovely to see you and meet N, thanks again for the lift, you’re ace x

    • No worries, was nice to have a proper chat.

      Lol, the one he took of you more full body wasn’t bad – although you looked a tad surprised.

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