A day spent in St Nicholas’ Park playing mini golf, going on fair rides, the playground and riding his bike. I’d say that was a pretty much perfect day for a 6 year old boy.

This shot I’ve chosen for living arrows this week, was when N was on a little netted ’roundabout’ swing. He still looks really young here, despite his huge front teeth!  I’m predicting he’ll be like me and need a tooth or two out, and a brace because his new teeth are going to be too big for his mouth.

Living Arrows 2017 week 21 - looking up

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  1. It sounds like a fabulous day! They do look so funny don’t they, when the adult teeth start coming through but they’re just too big for the rest of their mouth. (I had to have quite a few of my teeth out to make room for all my adult teeth too, and braces)

  2. That sounds like a great day. Athena is yet to lose any teeth – I think she’ll be about 7 before they start getting wobbly! x

  3. Super candid photo 🙂

    Looks like he’s totally engrossed in something off camera!

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