This weekend we went to Waddesdon Manor to meet up with 2 of my school friends taking the kids with us.  N was in his wellies, thankfully. Because he managed to find the muddy puddles and jumped in them.  I was astounded and relieved that despite how much he jumped, he was still clean afterwards.  Even his wellies had been cleaned off and were sparkling clean for the journey home. Luckily the other two children didn’t join in because they were both in trainers.

Certainly a sign of a fun day out and a typical child thing to do, perfect for this week’s Living Arrows shot.

muddy puddles - splashing at Waddesdon Manor

Living Arrows


    • It rarely happens so I’m not sure to be honest. He’s usually the filthy one.

  1. Awww that must have been the best fun – muddle puddles are made for jumping in – much to the despair of parents sometimes ha ha! x x #livingarrows

  2. Muddy puddles- so much to answer for- but such perfect therapy! A wonderful snapshot of all that is good in childhood!

    • Exactly. N went through lots the other day in his trainers, so at least he was in wellies this time

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