We’ve just come back from a few days away in Norfolk. I was able to relive some of the places my mum took us when we were children holidaying there, but it wasn’t as fulfilled as I’d planned because N wasn’t well.  He’s still not right – still saying he’s hot and cold on occasions, and a headache that’s coming and going.  So I’m a little concerned after a few days of this. Hopefully he’ll have had enough rest over the weekend to have gone back to school.

This week’s living arrows photo was taken while we were away, at a National Trust natural playground.  It is noticeable that N doesn’t quite have his usual lively spark in the photos from this week, although I do love this one anyway. It’s not often I get one of him looking straight at the camera. I have a lot of photos of his back walking away.

Living Arrows 2017 week 17 - happy in a natural playground
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  1. It’s a lovely picture – I hope N is feeling better now and managed to go back to school. #LivingArrows

  2. It’s great when we can take our kids to the places we have good childhood memories of. Such a shame he wasn’t feeling well though. Hope he is better now x #livingarrows

  3. Sorry to hear that he has been unwell. Lots of it around at the moment. Particularly in our household!

  4. Poor N – what rubbish timing although there is never a good time to be ill. Glad you got ot get out and explore a little #livingarrows

  5. That playground sounds like so much fun and I hope you had a wonderful break away x

  6. Sorry to hear that N was poorly on your trip. He does look quite smiley here (again, more smiles!). I love Norfolk, it’s my happy place. #LivingArrows

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