At the weekend we went to see the Christmas lights and the house at Waddesdon Manor.  We had quite a bit of time between seeing the displays inside the Manor, and before the Bruce Monroe outdoor art and light installation was turned on so ended up heading towards The Stables for a wander round and play in the playground.

N moaned because the playground was too busy – I think he expects them to be empty (used to being in our village playground which never has anyone else in it).  So we just walked and mooched through the trees and walkways.

I snapped away a lot – I think I took 350 photos that day.  The light wasn’t great, but I took quite a few lovely ones of N.  This one I’ve chosen for week 49 of Living Arrows, really captures his interest in what’s going on around him.  He is great at watching and observing but just needs to work on the remembering what he’s seen now.

Waddesdon Manor playground observing Living Arrows

living arrows pic


  1. Such a lovely pic. I can never get pics of my little ones like this as they seem to know when I’m about to get the camera/phone out and run away :'( lol

    • I just keep snapping. Sometimes he moans, but mostly he’s gazing into the distance.

  2. It does look a thoughtful photo, and he’s really growing up (sorry). It’s nice to wander and take photos, sometimes days just need that and often there’s some real corkers in there x

  3. Beautiful photo! It sounds like a fun time seeing Christmas lights! I might take my little’s this weekend to see some 🙂 I too, have to take a lot of photos because the poor lighting that comes with dark winter days.

  4. That’s a gorgeous photo – he looks truly mesmerised by what’s going on.

    I find I also have to take so many now that the light is so bad.


    • Daily photos for me are currently all of lunchtime shots or sunrise. Boring, but evenings are just too dark. Can’t wait for the light again

  5. Zoe Forde

    You take some fabulous photos and I love your Living Arrows series. Out of 350 photos, I’m sure you have some funny ones in there too x

    • Thanks Zoe. That’s really nice to hear. Yes, there’s always some interesting ones on a day of photos! Not all suitable for the blog or public viewing in general

  6. Such a lovely photo. So natural. I love capturing pictures of lamb when he’s not aware. They look so innocent! X

    • Thanks Alex. It’s really the only way I can get photos of him. It’s rare he’s in the mood to have a posed one.

  7. N looks really lovely in this photo, making me jealous of the innocent child’s mind with no care in the world lol. 350 is a lot of pictures I think I have taken that many this year not in a day lol

    • Ah, well I take photos with my camera and with my phone. My compact camera seems to have disappeared so I need to track that down. It means I get a lot of choice afterwards!

  8. Firstly I am loving the falling snowflakes. N has such lovely eyes, it’s a stunning picture. I’m guilty of taking so many pictures of my Darcy

  9. I wonder what he is thinking about in these photos, the seriousness on his face x

  10. He always looks like he is really focused and taking everything in. Boo about the playground but it sounds like a lovely day otherwise!

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