The weather’s been a mixed bag this week but N did come back from school in just his t shirt so it was plenty warm enough for playing outside.  He found the parachute (affiliate link) I bought a few years ago for a party, and decided to take it outside to make it into a play tent.

I’m not sure how he originally intended to make his den, but I suggested he hook up the parachute to the climbing frame to make his tent.  The next thing he was tying it up, and making his climbing frame into a fort.

It did get a little windy to be leaving the parachute out all night but he enjoyed creating his fort and surveying over his ‘land’ from atop it.  There’s nothing like a young child’s creativity.  It’s lovely to see, and the golden hour was perfect for taking some lovely photos.  Fingers crossed the April showers head off towards the end of the month and May is a lovely sunny month.

making a play tent and fort on a climbing frame


  1. Oh look at that look of concentration on his little face – love it! x #livingarrows

  2. What a lovely photo of creative little dude. I also hope sunny days is on the way for us, lots of activities waiting outside. 🙂

    • It’s really got cold again here. But definitely hoping for warmer in May. Just need to get rid of the old wind-destroyed trampoline and get a new one as that was the best outdoor play thing he had

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