We’ve had a lovely weekend.  Although really it was all about Sunday.

Saturday was largely about usual Saturday chores, a mooch round town for which N was really good.  Walking nicely, running a bit, not moaning…he was allowed to go on one of the ride on vehicles for a treat, and we even stopped for a drink and cake at Costa.  Definite thumbs up for their new mint chocolate fancy!

And then a not very successful swimming lesson followed by some ‘exercising’ or flapping in the garden.

exercising by toddler

exercise by toddler

Sunday was all about being with friends, music and a picnic down in the meadows.  (More on the outdoors part of our weekend later in the week).



Oh and father’s day

fathers day handmade gifts
My daddy rocks handprint

living arrows


  1. What gorgeous pictures – I love the pensive one of him by that sign. They grow up so fast! #UKBloggers

    • Thanks. He’s quite good at doing pensive…usually without trying. And when he’s not doing gormless.

  2. Em @ snowingindoors

    I love the ‘my Dad rocks’ stone, what a great idea! Glad you had such a fun weekend
    Thanks for linking up with Point + Shoot xx

    • It’s great isn’t it? Not my own idea, it came home with him from nursery. I think they were meant to be painting pictures on the rocks, but he wanted a handprint.

  3. Michelle Maggs

    awww I love receiving gifts that my girls have made. It sounds like you had a lovely weekend x

    • They’re lovely aren’t they. The OH doesn’t really ‘do’ presents, so he wasn’t particularly fussed. At least N doesn’t notice, but I think he’ll have to start being more grateful when he’s a bit older!

    • They are. Although I can’t take the credit – they came home from his day nursery. He did another card at his other nursery too, and then in the card we got, he drew a family of ‘snakes’. Hmm, not quite sure the relevance.

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