This weekend we went to Chedworth Roman Villa for a look around.  N loved running around and exploring, deciding where to go next.  Just before lunch, he decided to hide.  Suddenly he was popping up behind the wall all over the place, and I managed to capture this cheeky one.  He refused to repeat it so I was lucky it came out ok.

Hiding and popping up - Living Arrows Bubbablue and me

Living Arrows


  1. The Boy likes playing hide and seek too – although he doesn’t always reveal himself as fast as my racing heart would like!

  2. Lovely place to visit, looks like the weather was kind as well

    • It was cold but mostly dry while we were there thankfully. Always hard to find places at this time of year with indoor as well as outdoor activities

  3. This looks like such a great place to hide! You seem to go to so many lovely places x

    • It feels like we’ve not been anywhere for a while. And now I’ve got to pay for N in most places it’s going to get a lot pricier. But we do find some great places. I’ve got a list of my phone of places to take him.

    • Yes, I get a lot of blurry photos, especially when using my camera on manual. That’s when my phone steps in.

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