I love this photo of N, taken on a walk and scoot round the park. We didn’t have much time inbetween swimming and my hair appointment, but it was just enough for a quick scoot and play in the playground.

It’s his face, as he’s scooting towards me that makes me smile. Joy and a little bit of ‘no more photos’.

Living Arrows 2017 week 10 scooting at the park

Living Arrows badge


    • My hair worried me at first – it felt uneven but it was fine. She’s not as good with my hair as my normal hairdresser. Fingers crossed she’ll come back after mat leave!

  1. He looks so full of joy! He clearly loves scooting – and looks quite good at it too! x

    • He’s been scooting since he was 2, so he is a bit of a demon on a scooter. Driving and riding are his ‘thing’

    • Ah, N loves his bike too. It’s just too much of a faff getting it out of the utility room and into the car vs a scooter which folds up (and usually just stays in the car!)

  2. He looks like he’s loving life in that photo. I’m so pleased scooters weren’t a thing when I was small. I would have totally broken something. As it is I just have to shout “go slowly!” at Freya every 30 seconds. #funmumnot 😀

    • I know what you mean. Downhill is terrifying, although N does use his brake a lot!

  3. Scooters are great fun! He looks like he’s having an absolute blast!

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