This week’s Living Arrows shot was one taken in the week of N on the swing.

He’s had the theory for years about making a swing go – legs forward and back, and then knowing he needed to lean. But until this week, he’s just not grasped putting the lean with the legs. But he’s cracked it and I hadn’t even realised until I spotted him in the garden going higher and hugher.

Our climbing frame isn’t secured into the ground, so it’s not the safest – it wobbles a lot when kids swing on it, so hopefully he’ll keep remembering that in his excitement.

Add to that achievement the start of a lovely sunset and it was a good evening.

Living Arrows 2017 week 29 - swing in sunset

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  1. Well done N, such a milestone! Alice is nearly there, she just needs to be braver to go higher. Going on the swing like this in my garden as a child was my favourite thing ever to do! #LivingArrows

  2. I cannot wait for Athena and Troy to be able to actually swing by themselves. What a massive milestone for him! x

    • He’s known the theory since he was 3, but just couldn’t get the lean. He’s pretty pleased now

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