This might not be the most focused shot, but I love it for this week’s Living Arrows. This was taken at Millets Farm where we went to pick pumpkins.  N loves swings, they must be his favourite playground equipment at the moment. And surprisingly he actually let me take a photo and even smiled.

It looks like he’s got 2 gaps in his teeth but all 8 of his milk teeth have been replaced by his adult teeth. They’ve just left massive gaps which I’m sure will close up once his others have fallen out and new ones grown.

Living Arrows 2017 week 43 - swings

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  1. It’s a fab photo, such a lovely smile. Toby is already talking about the tooth fairy but I think he might have a while to wait yet 🙂 #LivingArrows

    • The difference in how fast or slow some children lose them is amazing. We’re 8 down, but I think there’ll be a long gap for the next one.

  2. N looks like he’s really loving that. Monkeys gone off photos too! Drives me bonkers. We never made it pumpkin picking 🙁 #livingarrows

    • Oh no, that’s a shame. It’ll come, probably once he realises he can do it himself

  3. angiemwebster77

    N looks like he’s having lots of fun on the swing, I hope you had a good time picking pumpkins too. We are still awaiting our first visit from the tooth fairy here. Have a lovely week x

    • Losing teeth is something N is really good at. Although I have warned him he’ll be waiting awhile for the next ones

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