Sometimes having children in the house just makes you laugh.  A lot.

I’ve done a lot of laughing this weekend with N.  Mostly thanks to him acting like a bit of a loon.

Firstly it was excitement about having some dry weather so we could (with 2 weeks to go before camping) finally get the tent out of the box and practice erecting it.  Of course N got very excited and wanted to drag duvets, blankets and pillows outside into it.  Then the OH appeared (after I’d put it up) to have a chill out in the tent.  I had thought he might actually have been a convert now we’ve got a tent with standing room and plenty of space, but going out of the back garden with it and him is still highly unlikely.

There was much upset when I then took the tent down again because I didn’t want to have to wait for it to dry out before I could pack it again should it rain.

But the tent box came in handy for cheering N up again.  N loves the tent box.  It’s like his own personal coffin with the size and shape.  I even walked in to find him asleep in it just before tea on Sunday.

But most of the fun came from getting in it and popping out like a jack in the box.  Or putting it on its side and jumping out of the ‘wardrobe’.  Lots of fun, and therefore lots of laughter.

playing with cardboard boxes

I think N looks quite old in this photo.  He certainly wasn’t acting it at the time.  Then 5 minutes later I found him hacking his way into the side of the box with my nice kitchen scissors, trying to cut a window.  I’m astonished we’ve not yet had to go to A&E with any scissor accidents, but thankfully all was safe again this time.

Are your children fans of boxes? What do they use them for?

Living Arrows


    • Ah yes scissors. N has always loved them, he’ll spend hours cutting (including the grass!). He also likes chopping veg, so I guess it’s just the control thing and seeing something he’s created or managed at the end of it. I’d just recommend good small scissors, then as long as they learn to control them they’re much safer than rubbishy kids ones.

  1. haha! He just looks so happy! Why is it that kids love boxes so much?! x

    • God knows. He’s obsessed with them. It does mean our house always looks like we’re moving house!

  2. Personal coffin ha ha argh!! Oh dear me with the scissors – we have that issue too – you just can’t hide ANYTHING! Very cute pic 🙂 x x #livingarrows

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