week 24 living arrows - hole in the park sandpit

Living Arrows


  1. Mommy's Little Princesses

    Somebody looks very happy indeed here. Gee that spade looks gigantic! Did he have any trouble digging with it? Xx #livingarrows

  2. Ha ha you’ve got to wonder what he’s planning there! He’s so cute, very impressed with his work 🙂 x x #livingarrows

    • He was particularly smug. Especially as he had a little dry moat going on around him as well

    • Hole digging skills runs in the male side of my family. My brother used to be a hard core digger of sand when he was young

  3. Em @ snowingindoors

    I love how proud he looks with his hole 🙂

    • It was huge. I tried to get a photo of him holding it next to him, but he wasn’t playing ball

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