N isn’t always keen on having his photo taken but the other day he wanted to go outside after school with the tripod so he could have a photo shoot with lots of photos of the 2 of us taken with the timer.

We took ages setting up the tripod, working out how far back we could stand…none of it easy with the wet soggy grass.  I’d taken out a couple of our umbrellas so we could have some fun shots (interesting to get everything in frame relying on the timer and our correct placement.

After all the faffing, I couldn’t work out how to get the timer up on my camera.  Sigh.

Then N went wandering off, put off by the wait.  Double sigh.

So I gave up, pointed him towards the umbrellas and snapped away as he twirled and posed.  Considering N usually moans about me taking photos, he didn’t do too badly.  But it’s definitely a ‘get your camera ready because he’ll only work with it for around 5 minutes’ situation.

Living Arrows 25 fun with umbrellas

Umbrella posing

smiling with umbrellas

Walking away from umbrellas

So if you want some fun photos, get out some brightly coloured umbrellas, and work during golden hour.


Living Arrows


  1. I love how he’s holding two umbrellas – so cute! He looks like he’s having the bets time, despite the weather! x

  2. I loved the story surrounding this. Kids are so funny….and I always wonder what changes, and all of a sudden they want to do something. Sweet, sweet boy! #LivingArrows x

  3. I especially like the black and white one! Sometimes you just have to go with the flow and it works out ok anyway 🙂 #LivingArrows

  4. Mommy's Little Princesses

    Looks like you both had a fantastic time and you really managed to capture some lovely shots. I particularly like the black and white one. It’s a pity you couldn’t figure out how to get your timer to work. What camera are you using? Xx #livingarrows

    • Panasonic. I know where it is, just didn’t seem to do anything when I clicked it. Then found it and burst (same button) and it miraculously turned on but then I couldn’t turn the burst off. Need to read up to get the correct way to use it.

  5. Oh they’re gorgeous – he is a good little poser! A little impatient maybe ha ha – models are demanding! x #livingarrows

  6. Looks like you had lots of fun. I am not sure how the timer works on my camera. Boo is getting more reluctant to have her photo taken – though sometimes I am told what I need to take photos of!
    I love the second photo and the last one =)

    • Thanks Jenni. They’re so picky aren’t they. One moment they hate photos the next they’re the star of them

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