I’ve been meaning for ages to take N to Virginia Water. It’s somewhere we used to go as children and I knew it would look beautiful in Autumn.

Of course N moaned.  His legs were tired. He wanted his bike and scooter.  He was bored.

His two highlights…picking a lot of sweet chestnuts (still to be roasted) and the cascades.  I don’t know what it is about waterfalls (even manmade ones), but they’re lovely to sit and watch.

N was enthralled with them, and was happy to sit and watch while I could take lots of photos.  He didn’t even moan about me taking photos of him.  It’s rare that I get a decent smile, and he just turned round to tell me something he thought was funny here, so it was a proper happy smile  of laughter.

happy smiles at Virginia Water

living arrows pic


  1. What a sweet photo! We found loads of chestnuts on our walk this week too (the which my camera ran out of battery BOO).

    • Oh that’s so annoying when batteries run out. I always take a spare because mine goes from 2 to 0 so quickly.

      Tonnes of sweet chestnuts we’ve seen this year, nearly as many as the apples we have

  2. Virginia Water is literally on our doorstep. It’s our closest place for a walk and I absolutely love it there – the cascades are definitely beautiful! Such a lovely happy photo x

    • Thanks Donna. I was really pleased with it. It was a total deja vu moment, because I’ve got photos of my brother and I stood and sat there with our nan.

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