This week’s living arrows post was taken when we were out brambling with my brother. N had gone up to the fields on his quad bike hence he was in his overalls.  It’s now really too wet to be going out and picking some more, if they’re not damaged by the rain.

Living Arrows 2017 week 37 - brambling fun

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  1. Oh his happy face! You can’t beat picking blackberries as a child – I have such great memories of doing the same when I was little x

    • Too right. I can only remember one occasion picking blackberries, but we used to do a lot of PYO

  2. Stacey- A Mums Blind Love

    Such a sweet photo. We have never been brambling but did go to a local pick your own farm for the first time this year.

  3. The rain has meant we’ve missed out on so many blackberries this year! They were all really early with us too, so I suspect we’ve missed the boat now, which is such a shame as I love a good crumble!

    • I doubt whether all of our red ones will ripen now either. Shame as usually it’s beautiful weather this time of year

  4. I love your sons smile. So sweet! Sadly our blackberries are all finished for another year already. They are a family favourite for sure. Jam has been made though so we can taste their sweetness until the jar is empty.

    • Thanks, he is sweet. Ah, they don’t last for long. We had a lot still red, but now the rain’s come and it’s turned colder, I don’t think they’ll ripen unfortunately.

  5. Wow, look at all those blackberries! We have only found handfuls at a time this year, and lots were overripe. The weather has been so wet and miserable recently, I am hoping for a few more weekends of sunshine before Autumn really takes hold!

    • Ah, we’re lucky because we’ve got the farm, and my brother spends a lot of time in the fields doing metal detecting so he knew exactly where the best berries were. There was a lot not ready yet as well though. Probably wrecked by the rain!

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