N enjoys school but the one thing he’s not keen on is writing. So I was happy to see him getting excited about being close to completing his reward chart writing row – he only needed 6 stickers.  So one evening he wrote all 4 of his birthday thank you letters. Then not satisfied that he still had 2 stickers to get, he decided to write about dinosaurs.

Three sentences later, I had a piece of paper with information about diplodocus’ stomping their feet, T Rex’s chasing other dinosaurs and hapatosaurs (he insists they’re a real dinosaur) that go swimming in the sea.  Then it was time to share the sounds that the animals make on the farm.  The cutest was Fern (the dog) goes ‘roof roof’.  Sweet.

Writing practice complete and 6 stickers gained in one evening.  N was one happy little boy and mummy was very impressed with some neat writing and independent thinking about what he wanted to write.

writing practice

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  1. Aw, good for him! So sweet that he carried on writing to get his stickers. That’s such a good idea. What a lovely moment to capture and remember too – love this! xx

    • Thanks Rosie. A little reward does help him. We’ve just got back from holiday, and straight away he’s decided to get out writing stuff and has written 6 sentences that I can read!

  2. So good he did so much in one evening. it just goes to show how determines he is. Love the dinosaur stories. Great imagination x #livingarrows

    • The dinosaur and crocodile stories have been neverending this week. Lovely to see and read

  3. Such a great idea to have a reward chart based around writing – and it sounds like it’s really working too! x

    • He prefers the reading because he has to do that for school work. He hasn’t had literacy homework since Christmas so if he wants stickers for writing, he has to do his own. He’s obviously realising he can actually do it now!

  4. It sounds like he’s really starting to enjoy the writing, that’s great! I love that photo, you can see the concentration and the imagination in his face #livingarrows

    • He is, especially if there’s a reward at the end. Yesterday he had no literacy homework, so decided he was going to write about crocodiles. The only issue is when he asks me to spell something (‘really’) doesn’t quite get it right, then realises and gets in a strop about having to put a line through it. I think that’s why he doesn’t like writing, because he wants to make sure it’s all correct

  5. Well done, N, that’s a lot of writing in one go.
    When they get involved in their writing it’s amazing how much they can do.
    We don’t have a sticker chart system, but contemplating one. Does N get a special treat for completing his chart?

    • He gets a small treat (think a blind bag – I have a few in a lucky dip bag – it’s the not knowing what he’ll get that made rewards work for him) for each row – reading, writing, helping round the house, general school good feedback/winning awards etc, morning routine – completed. Then a choice of toy for filling the sheet.

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