manor house at cogges farm


  1. Michaela - Two Little Paines

    beautiful flowers, and I really love the house in the background

    • I know, it’s a beautiful (but old museum) manor house. And croquet on the lawn is great too

  2. Beautiful photo – what a gorgeous flower and the house in the background looks lovely too – love the sharp focus on the flower.

    • Thanks, I was really pleased with how it turned out. Funny how sometimes you take photos for one reason, and then they turn out better than expected.

    • Thanks Steph. It was a lovely setting, and the flowers just set it off. Hope you enjoyed your weekend

    • I hadn’t realised he was in it until I uploaded the photo. Cheeky boy, makes it a bit more personal photo

  3. Ha ha! I looked at this and thought “that looks like “Cogges”. Right near where I grew up. Know the are extremely well.

    • Ah another local, small world, well spotted. I think Ben from Mutterings of a food is also from Witney way.

  4. Great composition Emma,
    A beautiful flower and setting. It looks a lovely place to spend the day.
    Have a great Sunday

    • Thanks Neesie. Bit of a lucky shot in a way – I was aiming for the flowers, then just noticed the house would look great at a certain angle, and it worked really well.

    • Thanks Sarah. It really is a lovely house, although a bit tired now – it’s a museum

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